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TwinCam 🎉

uses both front and back cameras to create a single selfie.

Download - Demo - Technical Writeup

Unique benefits:

1. No need to turn around to take selfies. The selfie-taker's image is captured using the front camera and overlayed on top of the back camera's image.

2. Size of selfie-taker's face is adjustable. You can leave your selfie stick at home from now on.

3. Higher quality background because of better lenses at the back

4. Proper lighting for both foreground (selfie-taker) and background

5. Both foreground AND background images are in focus!

6. You can even re-frame the background independently after you have captured the perfect foreground pose.

[Photo Credit: kwoksdine and kwokspots]

[Reference: Phillipp Trenz and his team explored this idea of a "Forward Selfie" before I wrote TwinCam. Check out his very nicely created demo at SIGGRAPH '21.]


How Deep? 

Tap on map to show sea depth or land altitudes. Perfect for cruise vacations and hiking trips.

It can also capture your travel trails in the background (optionally) to show breadcrumbs on your map.

[Data source: Google Maps Elevation API]


What's that plane flying above me?

When you hear the sound of an aircraft flying in the sky, have you ever wondered... "What type of aircraft is it? Where is it flying to?"

If yes, this app is for you. It answers that exact question.

You can scan the sky manually by pressing the Search button or let the app auto-detect flights when it hears the sound of aircrafts. It uses AI sound classification models to achieve that.

Privacy friendly:

Location data is used for scanning for flights nearby only and never stored.

Audio data is analyzed on device for aircraft sound identification only. It is never stored and sent anywhere.


Sidekick - Dashcam + Navigation 

Gives drivers an all-in-one tool with dashcam, GPS navigation, real time alerts, trip logging, school zone reminders & impact detection.


Travel Shopping Buddy

Allows travellers to see the price of an item (with tax) in home currency instantly, without clicking any buttons.


[New] BuzzWatch app

To help the hearing impaired, this watch app listens for important sounds (e.g. car horns) and alert them using vibrations on their wrists promptly. #accessibility
Demo and technical blog post.

Optimized for privacy

- On device analysis only
- No network usage
- No audio recording
- Source code is published

- Supports sirens, car horns, baby cries, smoke alarm
- Includes sound detection for human, animals, nature, machines, music and sports. (configurable)

Open-sourced. Feel free to use this as a starting point / templates for other projects.


What if all your credit card spendings are organized neatly in one place for you?


Sato - The Universal Translator

Auto-sense language spoken and translates foreign speech to English on the fly for you. Zero-touch required.


Selfie Assist

Automatically show an arrow ⬆️ to tell selfie participants where the front camera is. Works with all camera apps!



Google, Apple, MapQuest, HERE, OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, Azure Maps all has its own strength & weaknesses. SuperRoute shows you routes generated by all of them on the same map so you can evaluate which one fits your needs best.


[New] Smart Alert

[New] Smart Alert
You have a home alarm system and would like to be notified when it is activated?

Your Android phone can now detect background sound types and send you an SMS automatically. It works like an alarming monitoring service, except it's free.

Privacy Policy

Our products gather data for the purpose of providing user features only.  

We do not sell data to advertisers or data aggregation agencies.

(Last updated March 30, 2020)


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