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New: SuperRoute

Google, Apple, MapQuest, HERE, OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, Azure Maps all has its own strength & weaknesses. SuperRoute shows you routes generated by all of them on the same map so you can evaluate which one fits your needs best.


Covid Case Count Notifier 🇨🇦

Daily email to notify you of today's # of cases for your region (e.g. Toronto, Peel, Ottawa, York)


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a fully automated tool to help you manage your time away and stay safe.  

It starts a timer automatically as you leave your home wifi network.  After that, it reminds you every 15 minutes* so you won't overspend time away unintentionally.

Privacy friendly: HomeSweetHome uses only wifi information to determine when to start/stop sending reminders.

It does not require cellphone data, does not record your location** and is a not-for-profit public service.


Sidekick 3.0 - Vision Safety

Sidekick can now act as your second pair of eyes to remind you of things you may have missed. 

- Pedestrians / Cyclists
- STOP signs
- School zones
- Uneven roads

Behind the scenes, it uses OpenCV computer vision to identify potential safety issues so you do not have to buy a new car to benefit from vision-based safety features.

Available on iOS now.
Stay safe everyone.


Trip Simulator for iOS Developers

An open-source tool that emulates location updates from a trip.  

To use it, just specify the starting and ending location, the tool will generate a route and send location updates every 0.5 seconds to the running iOS Simulator.

A small contribution back to the open-source community.


Sidekick - Dashcam + Navigation 

Gives drivers an all-in-one tool with dashcam, GPS navigation, real time alerts, trip logging, school zone reminders & impact detection.


Sato - The Universal Translator

Auto-sense language spoken and translates foreign speech to English on the fly for you. Zero-touch required.


Travel Shopping Buddy

Allows travellers to see the price of an item (with tax) in home currency instantly, without clicking any buttons.


Selfie Assist

Automatically show an arrow ⬆️ to tell selfie participants where the front camera is.  Works with all camera apps!


Find Empty Room

Need a room for a quick chat, but don't want to waste time walking around the office or disturb others looking through glass doors?

Using wifi motion sensor installed in each room, this app will find you an empty room instantly.

You can also reserve it on the calendar with one-click.

Nice, isn't it?



Hates stumbling upon web pages that contains images of spiders, snakes or centipedes that make you feel uncomfortable?  Gently analyzes images locally and hides those for you.  Privacy-friendly.

Made with Love ❤️.  

Privacy Policy

Our products gather data for the purpose of providing user features only.  

We do not sell data to advertisers or data aggregation agencies.

(Last updated March 30, 2020)


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